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Who to Hire - Regina Law Firms

Not taking real estate transactions seriously isn't a wise decision - time and money can be easily wasted if real estate matters are not entrusted to someone who has the skills, knowledge, and experience to handle them. Many complaints against lawyers are due to different real estate related issues, thus, practicing in this area of law requires more guts and dedication.

This is the age of specialization and efficiency. When searching for Regina law firms, you want to get the best service at a competitive cost. Therefore, hire:

  • A specialist, someone who is a member in good standing with the Law Society and the Real Estate Association.
  • Someone who has assistants who are concentrating 100% on residential real estate – which will enhance their ability to answer your questions, address any possible issues and get the job done, particularly if special problems arise when processing the real estate transaction through to its ultimate conclusion (e.g., getting a key for the purchaser and closing funds for the vendor on closing day).
  • A firm that generates competitive quotes and prices, one who will prove that every dollar spent is worthwhile. Furthermore, a firm that makes paying easier and hassle-free.
  • Someone who makes himself available as much as possible - ready to show up on lunch and after-hour appointments, and allows out-of-office and off-location signings.
  • A lawyer and a team that uses the Land Titles Online Submission System which reduces delays and errors.
  • A lawyer that will do more than just tell you where to sign your name: someone who is willing to explain a transaction’s process and progress, and professionally answer all of your questions.

Once you have committed to either buying or selling your property, simply tell your realtor and lender, as applicable, that Robert MacKay will be representing you and to forward the appropriate instructions to MacKay & McLean, attention "Robert MacKay".

Laugh and the World Laughs...

Q: Why do they bury lawyers twelve feet deep?

A: Because deep down, they are really good guys.